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Viva Las Vegas!

Who doesn’t dream of going to Las Vegas once? The city that is known for the special hotels, many casinos and exuberant attractions. Las Vegas is a city that lives 24/7. I put together a list with cool places. Let’s go and Viva Las Vegas!

The Strip

The almost 7 km long boulevard where most hotels and casinos are located. When you drive into Las Vegas with your car, just look around and be impressed by everything you see. The hotels are amazing. From a big pyramid to an imitation of the Eiffel Tower it can’t be crazy enough. The strip is the metropolis of Las Vegas, everything happens here. During the day it’s quite warm and you can better stay in the casino or at the pool of your hotel. Walk across the strip in the evening. The strip is beautifully lit and the atmosphere that you feel here is super relaxed.



You probably know the Bellagio. The hotel is the backdrop to many Hollywood films in which the ‘Fountains of Bellagio’ often plays a prominent role. Especially when it is dark and the water jets are illuminated, it is a beautiful spectacle. Besides the Bellagio, there are many more special and beautiful hotels on the strip. I mentioned it before but the Luxor hotel has a gigantic pyramid, where you really feel like you’re in Egypt. I stayed in the Luxor hotel for 4 nights and really had a great time being here. I think the Venetian is also very beautiful. The Venetian canals have been recreated and if you look up, it looks like you are under the blue sky. Nothing is less true, the air is recreated on the ceiling. You can even step into a gondola.


Harley Davidson Cafe

If you walk around the strip you can’t miss the Harley Davidson Café. The mega-sized Harley Davidson will greet you. A real whahala for the real Harley fans. You can go here for beer and burgers and just have a good time.


Down town Las Vegas

If you’re in Las Vegas don’t skip the old center. Down Town Las Vegas is sometimes forgotten and that is a shame. Down town you come across various street artists, there are many shops and there is plenty to see here. If you want to try a special restaurant then go to the Heart Attack Grill. The food is served here by waitress in sister tenue. And make sure you eat your ordered portion, because if you don’t you will be severely punished. And believe me, that’s pretty hard-handed!


Stratosphere Tower

Take a view of Las Vegas from a higher level. The Stratosphere Tower is the highest building in Las Vegas at 350 meters. On top of the tower is an observation platform from where you can look out over Las Vegas. There’re also a number of attractions. Take a ride at the X-Scream and you’re being shot off the tower. The adrenaline is guaranteed running through your body!

I didn’t expect it in advance, but I had really great days in Las Vegas!


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