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4 Must See National Parks of West USA

There’re a lot of amazing National Parks in Western USA. A roundtrip through the west of America is a great experience. The variety of landscapes is enormous. One day you’re in the middle of the drought and the other day in the beautiful forests or canyons. The National Parks of the west offers you a variety of activities. From just relaxing at the rivers or lakes to hiking the most dangerous trails in the world. These 4 National Parks are a must-see during your trip through West America!


With over 3 million visitors a year, Yosemite is one of the busiest parks in America. When you visit this park you immediately know why. Yosemite Valley is beautiful, the valley is formed by a glacier and is really nice. The best known icons  of Yosemite are El Capitan and the Half Dome. El Capitan annually attracts large numbers of climbers who attempt to climb this massive wall. The Half Dome is also popular by adventurous people. Make sure you have a permit If you want to be at the top of the Half Dome! We’ve registered for the lottery and have managed to get a permit, so we were very lucky! The first part of the trail is not that exciting, the hardest part comes when you arrive at the Sub Dome. From there you have to climb the Half Dome. The steep granite wall is equipped with cables to work yourself up. An exciting climb but once at the top you will love the view! From Glacier Point you will have another spectacular view over the valley of Yosemite. For this view you don’t have to hike up the Half Dome.

National Parks in Western USA - Yosemite valley

National Parks in Western USA - half dome - yosemite

Grand Canyon

On of the most famous National Parks of America and perhaps even of the world is Grand Cayon. The Grand Canyon is really breathtaking! The beautiful rock formations, cliffs, peaks and steep walls are really impressive to see. The southern part of the park is mostly visited and therefore offers the most facilities. There’re a number of beautiful hiking trails in Grand Canyon N.P.. We hiked from the South Kebab trail through the steep walls of the canyon down to Phantom Ranch, the only lodge at the bottom of the canyon. A great trail that you only must do if you’re in perfect condition. We took the Bright Angel trail back up, a steep 13 kilometer climb. A great experience I will never forget! Of course you don’t have to go for these physically challenging trails. You can also hike down a bit or drive to one of the many viewpoints by car.

National Parks in Western USA - grand canyon

National Parks in Western USA - grand canyon

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park is characterized by the ‘hoodoos’, which are colorful rock formations. Bryce Canyon is close to the Grand Canyon and is therefore often combined during a visit. The park has a network of paths. So explore the park on foot by picking one of the many well marked trails.

National Parks in Western USA - bryce canyon

National Parks in Western USA - bryce canyon


Zion National Park is the final park I put on this list but is certainly not the least park. The order in which the I mentioned the parks is really random. When you discover Zion National Park, you probably do that from the town Springdale. Springdale is very touristic place but has a wonderful relaxed atmosphere. A popular hike in Zion is the 2 km long River Walk, the hike is popular by many people and in the high season it’s also quite busy. Looking for a more exciting hike? Then do the crazy Angels Landing trail. The trail don’t suit everyone! You walk over narrow ledges and along gigantic precipices. On some part of the trail you can stick to cables but they aren’t covering the whole trail. Angels Landing is called one of the most dangerous trails in the world. Are you getting enthusiastic about this trail? When you decide to go, start early so that you’re on the trail before it gets crowdy. If you’re early you don’t have to pass each other and you will enjoy the breathtaking views!

National Parks in Western USA - Angels landing

National Parks in Western USA - Zion N.P.



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