Top 5 – Citytrips in Europe

Almost every year I visit at least one city. It’s a fun and relaxed way to get away from daily grind. A citytrip is ideal when you have a few spare days. Which cities in Europe I like the most for a city break I like to share with you. So here is my list with the top 5 citytrips in Europe.

1. Moskou

Even when I was very young, I wanted to visit Moscow. I didn’t know why, but it was a city that really appealed to my imagination. And finally I had the change to go! About a year ago I made a city trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg. I really enjoyed the days in Moscow! Suddenly I was standing on the Red Square near the Kremlin and the Basil Cathedral. Moscow is a city with many different sights. Tip: be sure to take the metro! Not because it is necessary to see everything you want but for the beautiful style of the various metro stations.

Citytrips in Europe- moskva river

Citytrips in Europe - Kremlin Russia

2. Rome

Rome is one of my favorite European cities. The atmosphere in this city is so unique and relaxed. Rome is a sort of open-air museum, you can view many of the city highlights without paying an entrance fee. Rome is full of beautiful buildings and has beautiful squares with even more beautiful fountains. You can also enjoy the excellent Italian food. Go out and enjoy cozy squares, order a real Italian pizza and take tiramisu for dessert.

Citytrips in Europe - Rome

Citytrips in Europe - Rome

3. London

From Holland, London is easily accessible with short flight or a train ride. If you go to London you have to take into account that it’s a city which has high prices. London isn’t a cheap destination, but a beautiful one. With good weather it’s definitely worth not to take the metro and explore the city on foot. You see much more of the city and you can enjoy the London atmosphere that characterizes this city. You can read about the must see highlights of London in the blog ‘City trip London – the best London tips!’

Citytrips in Europe - London

4. Prague

Prague is an old city with a very special architecture. The city is full of historic churches, city gates and palaces. Walk across the old town square and admire the astronomical clock or visit the Jewish quarter. Prague has a great network of metro lines and by taking the metro you travel easily through the city. An absolute must do is a walk on the Charles Bridge to the oldest district of Prague, Mala Strana.

Citytrip in Europe - Prague - Charles Bridge

Citytrips in Europe - Prague

5. Amsterdam

Every year millions of tourists visit the most famous city in the Netherlands. The Amsterdam canals, the Anne Frank house and the Heineken factory are just a few attractions of this metropolis. Spending a weekend in Amsterdam is amazing, you don’t get bored! If you don’t want to pay a high prize for a hotel, stay just outside Amsterdam. With the train or metro you are in the city center in just a couple of minutes.

Citytrips in Europe - amsterdam

Do you have an addition to this top 5 citytrips in Europe? Let me know in a comment bellow.



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