Unforgettable Slovenia – Discover Slovenia in 15 photos

Hidden between Italy, Austria and Croatia, Slovenia is a very small country and you might skip over it. It’s very unfortunate  to do that! The capital Ljubljana, the peaks of the Julian Alps and the turquoise-green lakes are all lovely places to visit when you’re in Slovenia. I will take you to this hidden treasure, discover Slovenia in just 15 photos.


lake bohinj - unfogettable slovenia
Lake Bohinj

The largest natural lake in Slovenia is Lake Bohinj. Lake Bohinj is nested in the heart of the Julian Alps. This lake offers endless opportunities for outdoor activities.

bohinj meadows slovenia
Meadows of Bohinj

Bohinj meadows are world famous. Walking trough the meadows you can enjoy the best views and some wonderful low entry hiking experiences.

Ribiski Okolis Reserve Slovenia
Ribiski Okolis Reserve

This reserve just behind Lake Bohinj offers a great opportunity to go fishing.

Mostnica Waterfall Slovenia photo
Mostnica Waterfall

From Bohinj hike or bike trough the Voje valley and the Mostnica gorge to the Mostnica Waterfall.


Lake Bled slovenia photos
Lake Bled

Lake Bled isn’t the largest lake of Slovenia but it’s definitely Slovenia’s most popular attraction. In the summer you can swim, hike, kayak in and around the lake. Lake Bled also is a good base to explore the Slovenian Julian Alps.

Bled Castle Slovenia Photos
Bled Castle

Climb up to the castle and enjoy the finest view of Lake Bled and its Island.


Canal Ljubljana Slovenia Photos
Canal in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and it’s also the largest city of Slovenia.

Square Ljubljana Slovenia Photos
Central square of Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a certainly worth a visit. The historic architecture, green spaces and riverbanks lined with cafes, shops and restaurants are really great.

Julian Alps

Mangart Pass Slovenia Photos
Mangart Pass

The Mangart pass is the highest mountain pass of Slovenia at an elevation of 2.072m. This impressive toll road is a 50 km loop drive. Enjoy the spectacular views you will see upon this road.

Edelweiss Flower Slovenia

Edelweiss is a symbol for the mountains and alpinism and is also the national symbol of Slovenia. This unique flower grows on rocky limestone place at an altitude of approximately 1.800 meters.

Vrsic Pass Julian Alps Slovenia
Vrsic Pass

The Vrsic mountain pass is a high-mountain road from Kransjka Gora trough Vrsic. It’s a very popular pass in Triglav National Park and is the starting point for all kind of hikes.

Triglav National Park

Mount Triglav Julian Alps Slovenia
Mount Triglav – View from Bohinj

Triglav is Slovenia’s pride! It’s undoubtedly the most visited and well-known mountain of Slovenia.

Prisojnik Mountain Slovenia

If you’re into climbing and mountaineering the Prisojnik (also called Prisank) via ferrata is one of the greatest in Triglav National Park. This mountain is far from being the highest but its broadness and massiveness have a very impressive effect.

Hiking trails Slovenia
Hiking trail Julian Alps

With a hugh amount of trails, Triglav National Park is ideal for hiking and is a must do when you’re in the Julian Alps of Slovenia. The nature is breathtakingly beautiful!

Pagan Girl Triglav N.P. Slovenia
Face of the famous ‘Pagan Girl’

You can walk the path of the Pagan Girl and learn about the story of this girl. The clue of the story is that this girl is cursed by her sisters and forever turned to stone.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Europe, don’t skip Slovenia because this small country has a lot to offer.

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