Highlights of Ireland – 5 must see destinations

Ireland may not be on top of your holiday bucket list, but you should really book a trip to Ireland. Ireland has so much to offer! The country has a diverse nature, rough sea and beautiful cliffs. Enjoy the peace, a glass of whiskey or go for a Guinness beer in one of the cozy pubs. You will sheeps everywhere and can smell the typical scent of the hickory wood. Are you going to the southern part of Ireland? Make sure you do not miss the following highlights of Ireland because they’re definitely must see destinations.

Highlights of Ireland - cliffs

Burren National Park

Burren National Park is a very unique environment. It is a mix of Mediterranean and Alpine surroundings. The Burren is a limestone plateau in the northwest of county Clare. The limestone slabs are so special to see. The deep gaps has formed by ice formation, wind and rain.

Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher are perhaps the most famous cliffs in Europe. The Cliffs of Moher are spectacular! They are 214 meters high in some places and the total length of the cliffs is about 8 km. When you walk along the cliffs it is truly breathtaking. The rocks consist of black shale and sandstone and are inhabited by various species of birds. There’re several hiking trails over the cliffs that are definitely worth a walk. A long but very nice walk runs along the coast to O’Brien’s Tower, an old lookout. In the visitor center you can view a small exhibition and learn more about geology in this way.

Highlights of Ireland - Cliffs of Moher

Loop Head Penninsula

Loop Head is a peninsula with the River Shannon on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. If you drive from Kilkee to Loop Head you drive over the famous Loop Head Drive. When you take this autoroute you can enjoy impressive cliffs, beautiful seascapes and various beautiful sights. It’s really a very diverse island. No wonder that Star Wars used this island for recordings! At the very tip of the island is the lighthouse of Loop Head. You can enter the tower during a tour. On the balcony about 23 meters high you have a great view over the Atlantic.

Highlights of Ireland - Loop Head Lighthouse


Killarney is one of the most touristic places in the south of Ireland. There’s a cheerful and cozy atmosphere despite all the crowds. Killarney is an ideal base for exploring the Killarney Lakes or seeing Muckross House. You can find these highlights in Killarny National Park. Various old castles and abbeys can be seen in the park as well. However, the lakes of Killarney are the big draw! The lakes are really beautiful. You will also find a number of beautiful waterfalls and small mountains in the park. The picture below is taken from the viewpoint Ladies’ View. Killarney N.P. has so many beautiful things to offer that you almost need to be there more than one day.

Highlights of Ireland - Ladies View Killerney

Gap of Dunloe

You really must have seen this beautiful mountain pass carved by glaciers. Whether you go hiking, cycling or drive through by car, it doesn’t matter but go see it! The winding road through the ravine offers a magnificent view of the gorge and several small lakes.

Highlights of Ireland - gap of dunloe

Are you planning a trip to Ireland? You will really be surprised about the beautiful nature. Enjoy the views, the fresh air, the space and the quiet and relaxed atmosphere that you feel there.

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